We Provide The Best Panel Beaters, Enginee Life Check and General Car Services

We are professional in terms of hydraulic power systems and car body works.

We Provide The Best Panel Beaters, Enginee Life Check and General Car Services

We are professional in terms of hydraulic power systems and car body works.

✤ Who We Are!

We Maidstone Smash Repairs Melbourne is a well know and well established company in mechanical design, fabrication, Engineering work and more engineering related services that has a history in the industry for long.

If you are not satisfied with the smash repair services by the current highly trained staff, then you can reach us immediately. Our main aim is to provide you with the proper services. We provide body works and enginee life check as best as possible with consistency, regular work and in affordable rate. It is very easy to engage with our team.

✤ High Performance

The staffs are local and expert in their job.

You will enjoy flexible work timings.

Customer satisfaction is our primary aim.

You can avail the estimated cost for the work.

Quality of work maintained by valuing our employees.

✤ Our Services

Fabrication, Lathe Machine and Enginee Life Check

sourcing vehicle components and selecting the best materials to use.

organising and carrying out tests, eg to check whether engines will work in different conditions, such as high temperatures

Collecting and analysing data, carrying out complex Computations and preparing diagrams

Estimating material costs and quantities, and machine requirements

Assisting Mechanical Engineers and Engineering Technologists in the design of mechanical equipment and plant

Ensuring that designs and finished work are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions

Preparing drawings, plans and designs for mechanical engineering work under the direction of Mechanical Engineers and Engineering Technologists

Designing mechanical equipment, machines, components, products for manufacture, and plant and systems for construction

Performing and directing field and laboratory tests

Bodywork / Panel Beaters

File, crush, sand and smooth filled or repaired surfaces, using control devices and hand instruments.

Sand body regions to be painted and cover bumpers, windows, and trim with masking tape or paper to ensure them from the paint.

Prime and paint repaired surfaces, utilizing paint spray guns and motorised sanders.

Evacuate damaged boards, and distinguish the family and properties of the plastic used on a vehicle.

Estimating material costs and quantities, and machine requirements

Fill little scratches that cannot be worked out with plastic or solder.

Assembling and installing new and modified mechanical assemblies, components, machine tools and controls, and hydraulic power systems

Organising and maintenance of machines and plant

General Car Service

Engine oil and oil filter change.

Check wear on brake pads and replace if necessary.

Check and adjust drive belt tension.

Check and clean spark plugs.

Check and top-up power steering fluid.

Inspect brake hydraulic system hoses and pipes for leakages and corrosion,

Renew fuel line filter.

Inspect tyres for tread wear and damage.

Visual check of windscreen wipers, battery condition, charging system, exhaust condition, coolant and anti-freeze levels and windscreen washer levels.

✤ Client's Feedback

John Anderson


The bodywork service from Maidstone Smash Reapirs team is the Best Company that promptly responded to my enquiry, emailed an appointment reminder and complated work on time. They are friendly and did a thorough whole job.

Herold Smith


I am amazed as well as delighted by the service from Maidstone Smash Repairs that is beyond my expectation. The team of professionals worked efficiently, providing a great panel beater work. I will definitely recommend their service to my friends and clients.

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